There's something about having your hair done on Mondays. You walk into the salon and the place is practically empty safe for the stylists idling around, doing their nails or just listening to the radio. Walking into the salon feels like you are saving the stylist from boredom.



On days when I go to the salon Mondays, I feel like I get extra treatment. The stylist takes her time with my hair and actually pays more attention to detail than they normally do on busier days like Saturdays. I seriously enjoy this attention that I get on Mondays and have actually made a habit of having my hair done on Mondays.


During my habitual Monday salon appointments, only one other customer walks in. Sometimes none at all! Catering to just one customer in a period of three hours (in a whole establishment) must mean losses for the business owner on these slow days and probably the overworking of staff on busier days to try and make up for the losses made on Monday.

But what if there was a solution to all of these? Oliza is that solution. Oliza is in the business of making deals that make sense to all parties. If you own one of those salons that are forever deserted on Mondays, you could get in talks with Oliza and see about discounting services for people that come in Mondays. Or even people that would love to be serviced at your establishment. The end result is that Olin's offers you (free?) marketing, you attract new clients, break even even on your least busy days and I get company during my Monday salon appointments.

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