The matte lipstick trend is a hit and you are probably not the only one interested in jumping on it.  But while it is trendy, the good quality matte lipsticks are pretty expensive.



The average price for a quality matte ID lipstick is KSHs 1,500. While the creamy ones go for as low 500. When you are thinking of a switch from creamy to matte, the doubling in prices can be uncomfortable. That is just when you are interested in just one tube of lipstick. But one  tube of lipstick is never enough. Buying four tubes of lipstick could be crippling to a budget. The only thing that can salvage a budget like that is vouchers and discounts.


At Oliza, we know this and are constantly looking for the products you are interested in via UlizaOliza and offering you deals on OCharge, so you can come to us and look good without breaking  the bank.