There are lots of service providers in Nairobi. Lots of restraunts, night clubs, banks... In fact, every need you will want to have sorted has been catered to by hundreds of establishement, leaving you with the to choose which one you prefer.




The freedom of choice is a great thing, one that should be celebrated. However, sometimes it can boarder on overwhelming. Sometimes you will need help making a choice.


Say for you are looking for a place to take your significant other out on Valentine's day but find the choice to pick one, just one restraint in a sea of restraints a bit overwhelming, Oliza Chat will come to the rescue.


All you need to do is send a text or message via whatsapp specifying whatever you are looking for. Want a Chinese restaurant that opens till late? Want an Italian restaurant that offers wine tasting? Whatever you have in mind, tell us and we will go through our comprehensive database of the city's restaurants and get you one that best suits your needs. And while that is pretty good, the best part is that Oliza Chat will not cost you a shilling, Oliza is your friend when you are in need.