Oliza was an idea brought about by the need for quality solutions for everyday problems. The need for a reputable plumbing service, a gardening landscaping solution that still worked even after months in use, a trustworthy watch repair shop and so on. Day to day problems are not limited to just one household, in fact, in every household that faces them, there is another similarity; the need to get value for your money.

When Oliza came up with the Uliza Oliza recommendation service, Oliza ensured that you would get quality services and goods at your preferred prices. However, it is not exactly value for your money if you are not getting a bargain, is it? That is how Ocharge came up.

Ocharge is an airtime Recharge app that rewards users with deals and coupons every time they top up. How this works is that on downloading the Ocharge app, you use it to buy airtime. Consequently, for every unit of airtime that you buy, you earn a certain number of Points. Buy credit worth KSHs 500 and you get let say 500 points. These points are similar in a sense to Safaricom’s Bonga points, Orange’s Ziada Points or even Airtel’s Zawadi points. The same way these telcos use their reward to allow you to get deals on phones, tablets and PCs, Oliza uses Ocharge to get you deals from your preferred brands. Say for instance you have accumulated 3000 Opoints, you can use this points and add onto them a small percentage of the actual price of a meal at your favourite eatery. A deal that would see you save on food expenditure.