Fashion is always changing, slightly elusive, extremely seductive.

It has the power to transform an image and make a social statement.”

If you need any more proof that it is time to upgrade your wardrobe, the rise in the number of fashion bloggers is it. Everywhere you look, there is a fashion blogger cum stylist dressed "to kill". I figure it is good that we have hordes and hordes of fashion bloggers, as this means that even though your fashion sense is seriously lacking, there is hope for you.

In a sea of fashion bloggers, you can find one or two to mirror and help you look better.


There is one problem though when it comes to mirroring these fashion bloggers; very few of them wear thrifted items past their starting out year. After they have ‘made it’, they are constantly backed by fashion houses and making enough to buy high end designs. This will probably leave you with a yearning to look good and having a style in mind that you want to mirror but zero finacing. But you cannot give up on your style dreams too easily, not when there are cheaper options.

The cheapest option is going for bootleg merchandise, counterfeit designer brands carpet Nairobi and almost any stall on Moi Avenue can sort you out. Bootleg will always be bootleg.

Even so, bootleg is not for everyone. If you are not feeling bootleg but still cannot afford to buy from whatever store your favourite fashion blogger frequents, look for a store that stocks similar looking apparel but for a cheaper price. You can get the fit of Aldo or Levis at Mr. Price, same desired look with minimal holes in your wallet.

The other option is to thrift. Whatever look you wanted to achieve can be easily accomplished from your localthrift market, if you are feeling adventurous or really thirsty for a bargain: Toi and Gikomba Markets will come through for you. But these markets are not for everyone and should you feel that they are too dusty: it is okay to stick to stalls in the CBD. Some of these stalls post their inventory on Instagram so you should be  able to actually see if they have what you are looking for and save yourself the trip into crowded Nairobi streets.

Alternatively, should you find what you are looking for, you can have it delivered from the stalls to your location at a fraction of the price tag. The beauty of thrifted fashion items is that they barely make up a fraction of the price that your fashion blogged forked. Cheap is not necessarily bad taste.