The feeling you get when you experience something new and you feel like everything in that moment was serendipitously created just for you. Pure stoke.

Going out to see the world is a very nice notion. So are bucket lists; writing down all the places you want to travel to, all the sites you want to see and the marvels that you dare not die before you have witnessed. It is all very exciting until you are done listing and are attempting to approximate costs. It is then that you realize that while travel is supposed to be exciting, that excitement could easily lead to bankruptcy.


At this point you could tear up that bucket list and shelf your travel dreams. You concluded that a life full of shelved dreams is not much of a life. So stick out with those travel dreams seek ways to achieve them.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”― Augustine of Hippo

Where are you going to get all this money? Maybe if you started a travel blog and offer to review hotels and getaways for a free stay, you just might  hack it. But blogging is a fulltime job..and when you are not traveling, you do have a life. So what do you do?


Checking out Oliza is the only decision that makes sense. Oliza will offer you destinations that cut across your dreams. While those points you have been accumulating on OCharge will see to it that your skinny budget is just enough for you to see the world.