The first time you learn of #UlizaOliza or #AskOliza, you think  "That the concept sounds a lot like a personalised  Google Now or Siri or Cortana" tell us whatever you are looking for and get pointed to it.

While that might be true, it is not exactly right.

Oliza, an adaptation of the Swahili word ‘Uliza’ ,is more of  a recommendation platform than a suggestion platform. With #UlizaOliza or #OlizaChat you are asking someone for recommendations to things you are looking for.

Heard of the popular kenyan phrase "I know a guy"? We are the guy when you do not know one.

#UlizaOliza is about asking. It is about getting recommendations to places, hangout joints, shops and coffee shops that you probably haven't visited yet. Places that your friends do not know about or won’t recommend to you because they haven’t experienced yet.

Uliza Oliza where you could find a certain service in a specific locality, let us know your budget for that specific expenditure. Say for instance you are looking for a leather jacket to wear on a date but have no idea where to get one (on short notice). The ideal thing to do is to ask Oliza. Let us know what you are looking for; size, colour, cut, fit and preferred price tag. When sending  out your query, include your location saying which town you would like to source the coat from and Oliza will give you options of establishments that can supply you with your sports coat, say for instance in Thika.

It should be noted though, that while the Uliza Oliza service recommends places you can get the goods and services  that you seek, that is all it does. Uliza Oliza is purely a recommendation service and cannot be used in the actual purchase of the sports coat for your date or calling the cab, all it does is enlighten you on your choices. So next time you are looking for a hair extension installations and do not know any good salons in your locality; Uliza Oliza.