Cities are called cities for a reason; they are expansive. They hosts numerous numbers of people, and with great masses comes establishments seeking to cater to these masses. It seems perfect right? Yes, until you are just one individual attempting to experience a huge city. It is far from an easy task.



At Oliza, we are in the business of seeing to it that your city becomes easier to access. That it bends to your will. We aim to make your city easier for you. We do this in a few ways, and let you choose which one best suits your needs at a particular point.


UlizaOliza is especially a channel we are proud of. This recommendation service enables you to sift through your city's inventory of establishments and visit the most amazing ones that cater to your specific needs.


While UlizaOliza is great and runs on Facebook and Twitter, we understand that not everyone feels at home on social media and have established Uliza Chat. Allowing you to use simple methods (texts messages via SMS and whatsapp) to get solutions to not so simple problems. So devoted are we to ironing out the creases in your life that we do not burden you with a fee as far as use of Uliza Chat goes.


While finding services and products you really need is pretty convenient; Oliza understands that there is no greater convenience than getting value for your money. We have thus devoted an app that allows you to get the best possible deals. O-charge is a deals and discount vouchers mobile app. That not only gives you redeemable points, it also allows you to track what outlets have ongoing deals.


At Oliza, we are committed to unearthing the problems you face transversing your city so we can ease them for you, making your city easy.