I had a crazy time in high school, you could say troubled. That is what most of the teachers saw it as and went ahead to call it. If I was not dancing on top of the school bus during school outings, I was crushing fried peas smack in the middle of night prep and enjoying my classmates irritation.

I have no idea why I did all the crazy things I did. You could say adolescence messed me up, or was it a cry for attention? I do not know, all I know is that I had fun, and a sequence of suspensions in tow. I had been suspended from school so many times, expulsion seemed eminent. I should have cared, worried even but I did not. Well, until this teacher said I had potential and that made me start.

It is not her saying that I had potential that struck me (I knew I did), it is saying it when her colleagues were condemning. I felt like she stood out, like her difference in opinion made her a rebel, someone I could trust. So I trusted her. And she worked discipline into my system. I am not saying that I was never tempted to dance from the top of school school buses but I was never suspended after she spoke out. My grades improved, greatly. And a decade later I feel like she saved me. Perhaps even loved me.

I feel the need to appreciate the love I got from her. But how do you appreciate a teacher you have barely communicated with. I was thinking of dinner maybe, but that felt like it was a lil too intimate. I think I will take her too lunch, it does not offer the intimacy of dinner or the brevity of coffee but offers us enough time to catch up and allows me to say thank you.