Watching her grow has been grow has been an interesting experience. My small sister started out ad tiny thing howling through the night, turned to a cute tiny human that wanted to follow me everywhere. Before her irritating self grew even more irritating and I locked myself away from her... then bullied her a little, as is expected of big brothers.

Big brothers love their sisters, I am no exception to this. But I am so taken with bullying her... then coming around to rescue her when she is broke or just needs a little spoiling that I fear that maybe, maybe my love for her is not apparent.

I know Valentines day, and most of February, is in the lovers jurisdiction but I feel the need to share the love with my kid sister. Don't get me wrong, I will not be diving into a pile of mush- but I figure maybe getting her a mani-pedi will be exciting for her, and maybe we can have a pizza later. I want to love so that the men that love her in the end cannot just dazzle her with basic stuff. I want her to know love so she does not kill herself looking for it.