I love my girlfriends. We slay together, nights outs are really something. As are indoor gossip session, even the impromptu ones that have in their time caused a fight or two. This friendship see through all our lives; we have cried, we have fought each other, we have fought for each other and we have survived crazy things together.

In the heart of all this is love. And while we constantly get together, I am not sure that we have once hooked up just because we want to celebrate this love. No, we are always surviving through something. Or just banding up to the salon because we need a break from one thing (no one said man) or another.

I think it is time we celebrated this love.

A road trip would be nice. We an get a country house for the weekend and just be- let loose. We always travel but never all together and to the same destination. Maybe it is time that we take the time to appreciate each other and the strength we have offered each other, through break ups and subsequent drama.

Though, we could order pizza and have a pajama party. I think it is time we appreciated this love and not just what it has seen us through. 

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