Take a walk in the streets of Nairobi and you will likely end up seeing a crop of urban and street savvy individuals who are well dressed to say the least. Which draws the conclusion that fashion is on everyone’s mind. Everyone loves clothes, and most of them are very disloyal customers, they shop from anywhere, in its literal sense.

This love for clothes also opened the way to a clutch of self-inspired ‘Klad’ (Slang for Clothes) conscious people who have diversified their hustles and delved into the apparel clothing business. While not so many have brands managed to dominate the market, most still continue to operate boosted exclusivity of a loyal fan/customer base. For this reason, I decided to make it a mission to find out who some of the players are, I’ll keep you posted in more of posts to come.

In today’s article. We feature Afriqy.

Started by a cool lad called Tony as a hobby. He used to make the hoodie designs for himself, it didn’t take long before he had soaked up a couple of fans who propelled him to go commercial. Just like Most Apparel brands, Afriqy’s products include Tshirts, Hoodies, and Sweatshirts.

Check out some of his designs in stock

He has made quite a name for himself, his Tees and other apparel designs have been worn by huge celebrities like DJ Kaytrixx and other media personalities.

Dj Kaytrixx

Dj Kaytrixx

Do you want to cop one now? Its simple, text/whatsapp the design you want to 0737383738 and we’ll get you hooked up.

The Tip

August will be full of events including The Ubantu, Wazalendo and Hakuna Matata Festivals on the cards, all with a Kenyan feel to them, Afriqy presents you with a good option to stand out of the crowd.

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