One would argue that they are our closest companions, Smartphones help us stay updated with events both online and offline through a simple phone call. Which is what makes them indispensable. One daunting question that you can ask yourself is, “Which phone should I buy?” And from the looks of things, unless you make an informed choice, it will only get tougher for you because of the rapid innovation taking place in the industry. Depending on what your budget is, price will play a big role in determining the gadget you acquire, once you’ve figured that out, you open your door to a variety of options, still tricky, but on the bright side, we have you covered…

But before we help you find your phone, you’ll need these few tips to help you find your perfect phone from a ‘technological haystack’.

The Basics

Whatever your position is, it would be wise that you do some research and form your own opinion on a phone. This is easily done in sites like GSM Arena and Phone Arena . This will allow you to find the right features and designs you want or need.

For fashionistas, the type of phone represents their personal style,

To the marketers, it’s a portable window to the world of digital information.

To the Tech Enthusiast, it’s a personal relationship with the platform.

Today’s phones come with a lot of features, some of which, you may not need to use, don’t pay a lot for, you must understand exactly what features and capabilities you’d like to make use to compliment your lifestyle.

Deals, Deals and more Deals!

Special offers can be substantial in making a purchasing decision for a new phone. There are very many deals happening across the divide, from major eCommerce sites to physical vendors. They mostly happen when a phone is trending or when they are having discount sales, be sure to try and search for deals being offered when you are scouting for a new phone. Also, remember that you can also get those great discounted prices from Oliza through a partnership with local vendors.

Service Counts!

Your service provider matters a lot, if you are more into phone features and live in urban areas with readily available wireless networks, then you’d not have a problems with a phone that requires constant upgrades to experience maximum functionality, If not, then get a good data plan or stick to phones that operate efficiently without requiring constant updates.

Pro Tip

Avoid being cheap. An advantage for going for a high end gadget is that its resale value can hold over a period of time in the vibrant secondhand market making it an investment that pays off.