I’ve been in Nairobi for almost 2 years now.

Moved from India on a whim, and don’t regret it a second. It’s a beautiful place, with good people, and awesome weather! ☺

But there’s one thing about this place which is unsettling —

Getting things done reliably, can get really difficult.

And most of the times, pretty simple things. Household chores, simple home improvement tasks, ordering food, to finding good salons, event planners, fitness professionals etc.

In the last 2 years, I have faced numerous situations —

  1. Me and my wife moved into a newly built house on coming to Nairobi. Within the first few days, started discovering various electrical and plumbing issues. Asked around for some reliable plumbers, and got one guy to start fixing the issues. First, we could not figure out the plumbing layout in the house. There were no drawings (imagine that!). The plumber started working on his guesstimates. Whatever he had fixed, went bad again within 2–3 weeks. Have changed plumbers multiple times now, but plumbing issues have been never-ending since then. ☹
  2. We got a garden consultant to suggest some indoor plants and flowers for our rock garden. He seemed to have an impressive resume, and good knowledge on the subject. He helped us get awesome deals on plants, fertilisers etc., planted around the house, and even helped us find a gardener for daily watering etc. A week since then, both have been missing, and all the plants have died. On further inspection we realised that the plants were infected from the beginning.
  3. My watch stopped working, and required a battery change. My wife went to a nearby watch repair shop. The guy did something, and demanded some Ksh 5000 for all the repairs. My wife flipped, and decided to get the repairs done in India. There, the repair guy told hersome watch parts had been replaced with counterfeits, and required replacement!! Who do we trust now?

The list keeps getting bigger everyday.

This makes me believe that there are not many skilled workers here. And those who are, are very difficult to find.

Finding good, trusted and reliable service providers, shouldn’t be this HARD.

At Oliza, we not only want to make it easier to find reliable service providers, but also unlock the long tail of merchants who provide great service, but have a hard time getting discovered.

And by opening up the Services Ecosystem, we hope to encourage many more entrepreneurs to build their customer base, and raise the overall Standards of Service!

We’re quite excited to begin. Wish us luck! ☺